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Who Are BGFS Associates Ltd and what do they do?

Our team provides independent financial services advice to people living or working outside their own country. With China and other countries continuing remarkable economic pace, more and more companies and individuals are expanding their horizons, in an attempt to advance their operations. The call to be part of this economic boom means many will spend up to years working away from the home country. Fortunately, whether employed or self-employed, the reward in working in a foreign land is often a far greater personal income than that could be earned at home.

For many, working overseas offers the best (and perhaps only) opportunity to develop significant personal wealth. But creating financial security is not just about building wealth by investing income or capital; prudent planning is necessary to ensure money is available should a persons’ income suddenly stop for reasons beyond their control. With more than a quarter-century of financial services knowledge and expertise, BGFS Associates is well qualified to provide professional advice, tailored to meet individual client needs.

Qualified advisers provide advice and only well known and regulated companies based in the Channel Isles and Isle of Man UK are recommended

After identifying areas of need it’s important to clearly consider the consequences of not taking action to resolve the matter. Example. If retirement was identified as the priority, what financial difficulties would be experienced at retirement age if insufficient income was available?